Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean Food

More and more people are embracing Mediterranean food in the San Diego area. Not only is this food delicious, offering flavors that will tantalize your taste buds, studies also indicate that it may help improve your health in countless ways. First, Mediterranean food has been shown to reduce a person’s risk of developing heart disease. As an added benefit, Mediterranean food also spurs brain health. And, we all want to be healthier and mentally sharper!

These are not the only benefits of Mediterranean food! Mediterranean food has also been shown to dramatically cut the risk that a person will develop cancer and Type 2 diabetes, and it may also help with minimizing symptoms related to anxiety and depression. Who would have thought that delicious food can boost your mood?

In addition to these diverse health benefits Mediterranean food itself is incredibly varied, and, therefore, it offers dishes that appeal to almost every taste. Some popular Mediterranean food options include: gyros, shawarma, tabouli, and babagannoush. Babbagannoush is a lovely and filling option for vegetarians. It is made from eggplant and yogurt and tahini (an important spice in Mediterranean food) offers an additional kick of flavor.

Since not everyone has the skills or the requisite ingredients to cook delicious and healthy Mediterranean food at home, many people decide to explore local cafes and restaurants to feast on their favorite food choices. And, residents of San Diego are lucky to be blessed with a variety of options for fresh and flavorful Mediterranean food. We would love for you to explore these options at Micheline’s Pita House which is regularly recognized as the best choice for Mediterranean food in the San Diego area. And don’t stop with just one visit. Come back again and again and take advantage of our extensive menu, filled with old favorites and new taste adventures.

Mediterranean cafe

Mediterranean cafe

Busy Work Week

Imagine it is a Monday night. You have had a typical stressful start to your work week and now, you are caught in a traffic jam after you have picked up your kids from their after-school sports. Making dinner is the last thing on your mind. But, a chorus of voices from the back seat is reminding you that they are hungry.

Struggling with Your Meal Planning

What should you do? Your first instinct is to pull off at the next exit and grab a bag full of McDonald’s food. But you know that this is not good for your children’s health or your waistline! But, what should you do? The better option is to visit your local Mediterranean café. And, if you are in the San Diego area then the Mediterranean café should be Micheline’s Pita House, without a doubt.

A Mediterranean Café Is Your Best Option

What food can you typically find in a Mediterranean café? Most Mediterranean cafes will offer a wide selection of the region’s favorites, including options, such as tabouli, hummus and falafel. The wide range of options at the Mediterranean cafes is sure to appeal to even the most finicky child (and we all know that children can frequently be picky eaters).

Even for Your Pickiest Eaters

And, at Micheline’s Pita House, San Diego’s recognized best Mediterranean café, we have even more favorites that will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. A pita sandwich is always a crowd pleaser. And, once you have decided on a pita sandwich you have several more choices to make. The vegetarian in the family may want to add falafel as their go-to protein, while a meat eater may love our ground beef kabobs. And, the choices don’t stop with just the protein at this Mediterranean café. You also get to choose your toppings and sauce, personalizing it just for you!

So the next time that you are considering a stop at the typical fast food joint, change your mind and visit a Mediterranean café, like Micheline’s Pita House, for a healthy and flavorful alternative.

Interesting Mexican Foods To Serve At Your Next Event

Interesting Mexican Foods To Serve At Your Next Event

Everyone loves Mexican food, and an interesting way you can spice up your event is to serve your guests Mexican meals! Whatever the event is, a wedding reception, a bridal shower, a baby shower, (name it) Mexican food makes a great addition to the menu. All you need is to ensure you hire amazing Mexican food catering service to make it even better.

Some Mexican meals you should definitely be serving at your event are:

1. Chiles en nogada

This Mexican meal makes a perfect treat for your event. Made with poblano chilis stuffed with some spices, shredded meat and dried fruits with cream sauce topping, Chiles en nogada will definitely cause the mouth of your guests to water. The meal is also fascinating as it contains all 3 colors of the Mexican flag. A good Mexican food catering service will make the meal is presented in the most appetizing way possible!

2. Pozole

Pozole is a Mexican soup eaten by Mexicans on special occasions and events such as birthdays, weddings and so on. For your event, you can also add this soup to the menu. The soup is made from maize kernels with pork or other kinds of meats, and tasty toppings such as avocado, pepper, garlic, onions, cabbages, salsa, and radishes.

Who doesn’t love a good taco? Adding tacos to your event menu will definitely brighten up the face of your guests. For your event, you can choose between Carnitas tacos, Guisado style tacos or Tacos al pastor. If you want, you can serve all three types of tacos at your event! To ensure the taco is made perfectly, do not fail to hire a very good Mexican food catering service.

Hire a good Mexican food catering service today and make your event spectacular.

3 Tips To Choosing The Best Taco Catering Service

3 Tips To Choosing The Best Taco Catering Service

Choosing the right taco catering service can turn out to be a tricky affair. This is because food is an important part of most events and you definitely do not want to let your guests down in that aspect. In order to avoid hiring a taco catering service which could do your event more harm than good, here are some helpful tips to choose the best taco catering service.

1. Ask for referrals

When choosing a taco catering service, it is important that you ask for referrals. Do not decide to wing it and randomly choose the first taco catering you see. This can lead to a disaster. Ask friends and family to refer you to good taco catering services. After getting a number of options, you can proceed to choose the service you think is most convenient.

2. Check caterer’s license

When you get a number of taco caterers to choose from, ensure that the caterer you choose has a catering license. This license should be acquired by a health department. Also, make sure you check if the caterer has a bad record or a good one.

3. Have a tasting

While you might be okay with tasting the tacos on the day of the event, it is important that you have a tasting. A tasting can help you decide first hand if you would like to hire that taco catering service. If you like the taste of the taco, you can proceed to hire the service, and if you don’t, you can try another taco catering service.
Before signing a contract, ensure you ask for a sample quotation from the taco catering service. Put all of these tips mentioned above into use today and find yourself the best taco catering service for your event!

Cool places to eat in San Diego for a first date

Cool places to eat in San Diego for a first date

If you are planning a cool first date in San Diego it’s important to have a knockout restaurant in mind for the event. With so many different cool places to eat in San Diego available for a first date in San Diego, it can be tough to narrow down the right spot to make the best first impression. Here are some cool places to eat in San Diego for a first date:

Starlite: Starlite is known for having some of the best Moscow mules in San Diego and a beautiful interior which is why it is one of many cool places to eat in San Diego. Starlite has an extended happy hour and they have been a well-known restaurant for many years. As a gastropod and cocktail bar, it is a great place to go for drinks and appetizers or an excellent meal.

Prep kitchen: The prep kitchen is a small and intimate venue in little Italy they can offer a unique first date experience. If you have never been in a small restaurant for a first date it’s a great idea for improving conversation and for enjoying close attention from the chefs. Prep kitchen is one of the best options for American food in San Diego for a first date.

The Prado at Balboa Park: Not everyone realizes how accessible hotel restaurants and bars can be. Although it’s technically a hotel restaurant, this is one of the most reasonable places to go for an excellent three-course meal. With a high-quality selection of menu items, the spicy calamari fries and other options on the menu will definitely have you coming back for a second date shortly after. This is an elegant yet extremely casual place that you can go on a first date.

The smoking goat: As an excellent French restaurant in San Diego for a first date, this restaurant has a wide selection of appetizers and a huge selection of wines. Don’t let the name fool you, the menu isn’t full of goat themed items. However, the French influence makes for a nice change of culinary pace in a place that otherwise focuses heavily on Mexican food and seafood.

Consider any of the following if you are looking for cool places to eat in San Diego for a first date.

Great restaurants in San Diego for brunch

Great restaurants in San Diego for brunch

Brunch remains a spectacularly popular meal in San Diego. If you are looking for some of great restaurants in San Diego for brunch, you are not limited in your options. Here are some of the best restaurants in San Diego where you can go for an excellent brunch:

Trust: This woodfired breakfast dish place has a wide range of options to suit almost any type of picky customer. They’re well known for their baking as well as the sticky buns that they can produce. The fried egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches here can make for some of the best in the city.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse: Brunch on the weekends is always fun, but even better when you take advantage of Tom Ham’s unlimited seafood brunch buffet. Their menu is fresh, their mimosas are flowing, and their menu is full of rich cuisine made uniquely based on the freshest items on hand. At this restaurant the giant bay windows are actually angled such that everyone inside can enjoy of you and everyone outside can see themselves and the view reflected in the glass. Most restaurants never even consider this and instead they get a lot of glare and issues where outside seating looks inside straight through the window. That’s why it is one of many great restaurants in San Diego.

Madison: Madison is one of the best places to check out a more meat-based brunch option. They have beat-based waffles which can be topped with plenty of meat options. If you’re feeling more like a lunch option there’s also Buffalo burgers and eggs Benedict served with skirt steak.

Great Maple: This restaurant in San Diego for brunch is best known for its hash as well as the peanut butter and fried banana pancakes. Brunch is available from 8 AM to 2 PM and is plenty of options on weekdays at this location too.

Hanna’s gourmet: This is an international breakfast spot that has seasonal menus. If you are looking for a San Diego brunch spot that can have a wide range of beans, pancakes and coffee, this is the perfect spot where you can really diversify in your brunching options.

West Coast Tavern: The West Coast Tavern is a bar first and foremost, but they also have brunch. They are known for their chicken and waffle sandwiches as well as the bloody Mary’s in a bottomless format

Keep some of these great restaurants in San Diego in mind for the best brunch happening across the city!

Good places to eat in San Diego after work

Good places to eat in San Diego after work

If you are working in San Diego and looking for good places to eat in San Diego after your full day, it’s a good idea to consider finding a great happy hour. Here are some of the best venues throughout San Diego where you can enjoy great happy hour service and some of the cheapest cold ones in the city:

Stake Chophouse: With a regular special of $1.25 oysters and six dollar oyster shooters, this is a daily happy hour that happens from 4 PM to 6:30 PM. The state and chophouse also specializes in bloody Mary’s, craft beers and very nice glasses of wine which are on special for $15 during their happy hour too. The pre-dinner menu is perfect for eating in San Diego after work.

Sea 180°: located in the shipping yard complex this is one of the premier eateries in the pier South resort. Hotdog kimchi, happy hour craft beers and more are all a part of the favorites here and the food can be a highly sharable experience making it a great spot for after work for good places to eat in San Diego.

Café 21: This is a fairly casual experience that you can have with mimosa fluids and five dollar tapas options in University Heights. Their wine and beer specials take place between 5:57 PM and 3 PM till close on Thursday nights.

The Rose Wine bar: Here, their corkage fee is reduced by five dollars if you purchase a bottle during happy hour here. So, you can save money and enjoy happy hour locally. Beer insiders are available for just five dollars each and this is one of the best places to go in San Diego after work if you love craft beer and wine.

The cork and craft: As one of the best places to eat in San Diego after work, this location is known for their poutines, noodles, sparkling wine and their house brewed beers. You can pick up fresh brewed beers from $5-$8 during happy hour.
Keep some of these good places to eat in San Diego in mind for you to eat in San Diego after work.

The best fun restaurants in San Diego for a birthday

The best fun restaurants in San Diego for a birthday

If you are looking for some fun restaurants in San Diego that you could spend a birthday there are many options available to you. Here are some of the most fun birthday venues across San Diego that you could choose:
Trailer park after dark: This fun and eclectic atmosphere is a great restaurant that specializes in American cuisine making it a feel-good place to go for your next birthday. The restaurant itself really is like going into a trailer park and enjoying an authentic home-cooked meal, ideal for those who want to go out but still relax as if they were home. The atmosphere is great as a restaurant as well as for a night out with a few drinks too.

Common stock: The Common stock is among the fun restaurants in San Diego that’s known for its elegant surroundings and the incredible food. The natural light in the dining area offers the perfect spot for a welcoming and enjoyable experience. The fresh dishes including the warm brussels sprouts Caesar salad in the flatiron steak are favorites here that you might just come to love too.

Werewolf: This is a place is best known for Argentinian steak and unique sandwiches. Werewolf is an excellent spot to come on your birthday to get a great burger or to enjoy a breakfast or brunch option. As a fun restaurant in San Diego this is one of the best spots where you can have reservations for large groups.

Fernside: As a cocktail bar primarily, you can head down just for a few congratulatory drinks on your special day. The restaurant itself has opened up in a new neighborhood and it’s one of the best places to enjoy a veggie burger so anyone looking to be health conscious on their birthday will love what the menu has in store. The cauliflower appetizers and the other options on the menu would definitely bring people back for birthdays many times over!

Keep some of these top selections in mind if you are looking for fun restaurants in San Diego to spend your birthday in San Diego.

The Freshness and Temperature of Catered Food is Essential

The Freshness and Temperature of Catered Food is Essential

If you are in the catering industry, then you understand the need to continually present your clients with fresh meals at all times. The best restaurants in San Diego can do this consistently. It is not always possible that you will get your supplies each time you need to fulfil an order, and due to this, there will be need to have a proper storage at the right temperatures so that all the supplies may remain fresh until the time of use. The best restaurants in San Diego have meticulous ingredients that need to be kept in specific conditions.
Here are some of the reasons why freshness and temperature of the catered food is essential-:

It is one of your greatest marketing assets

The beauty of catering services is that you will always get immediate feedback. Whether you are offering wedding catering services or breakfast catering services, you won’t need knowledge in rocket science to know if your guests liked or didn’t like the food. This doesn’t always occur at the best restaurants in San Diego. If the food was nor fresh and was stored at the wrong temperatures, you will know immediately, but if they were fresh and your guests enjoyed them, they will be happy to complement you and give you more referrals.

Longevity of the products

Catered foods need to stay fresh so that they can stay for relatively longer without losing their tastes. The best restaurants in San Diego can serve immediately, but catering needs to be done strategically for such a large audience. As is always the case with most catering companies, there is always need to store different foods for different clients or guests to be served at different times. Without proper storage, it is possible for such foods to go bad quickly, leading to disappointed guests and lots of losses to the company.

Keep up with seasonal menus

Through proper preservation, and at the right temperatures, it is possible to provide out of the season menus to your clients. A catering company can become one of the best restaurants in San Diego. When the season is on, all you have to do is store the fresh supplies properly and use them once the season is out. This is very ideal for services such as wedding catering where a couple may be interested in a menu that may not be in season at that particular moment.

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpea, is a pretty special legume that has been eaten for centuries, especially around the Mediterranean region. These can even be used in breakfast and lunch catering recipes today. There are very good reasons why it is an essential component of Greek foods and why most catering services keen on offering healthy meal options will always have it included in their menus.

To begin with, garbanzo beans are low in sodium and cholesterol and they contain a high amount of manganese and folate. They are also very rich in zinc, thiamine, vitamin B6 and fiber. This makes them the perfect option for breakfast and lunch catering ingredients.
This makes it the right option for individuals not just keen on their heart health, but also in working towards an overall optimum health. For those keen on food catering services with the healthiest options, then garbanzo beans should always feature in their menu. Many Mediterranean breakfast and lunch catering places to offer them as well!

One thing you will find intriguing about eating garbanzo beans is that it reduces your desire to snack during the day. This is partly due to its high fiber content, and as such, it is one of the most preferred inclusion in the meals of those looking for safe weight loss avenues. It is also important to note that garbanzo beans are low in triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, thus making it one of the healthy options to those in need of heart healthy meals.

Garbanzo beans is also packed with a huge range of phytonutrients such as phenolic acids, anthocyanins, and flavonoids which all work together to provide a formidable protection against free radicals which may lead to a variety of diseases, including cancer. A very healthy addition in a breakfast and lunch catering options.

With these and other nutritional benefits, anyone keen on good health should strive to incorporate garbanzo beans in their diets regularly. It can be an easy addition to a breakfast and lunch catering menu. This is irrespective of whether you are preparing home cooked meals, or you are having your meals in the best restaurants in San Diego. It is a legume full of nutritional benefits which must never be ignored.