What Does Creative Catering Look Like?

You might think that the catering you will find at restaurants in the area is all the same. And that can be frustrating when it comes to planning your own events. After all, you want your parties to be something memorable, with great food and service that you and your guests will never forget. In short, you want to experience creative catering.

But what does that mean? Creative catering combines a few different elements, from quality to service, that blow the competition out of the water. The end result is that we’re like no other catering company you’ve ever used.

1. Amazing food

Creative catering means that you can bank on having a great meal that will have all your guests talking. With delicious choices like custom-made hummus, gyros, falafel, and more, our menu is anything but basic.

2. Fast food quality service

At Micheline’s, we pride ourselves on offering “fast food” service. What does this mean? It means that we provide the speed and efficiency of a fast food restaurant with the quality of fine dining. We don’t believe that creative catering needs to sacrifice quality for efficiency or vice versa. That is why we are dedicated to providing both.

3. Customization

Of course, the last thing we want is for you to feel like our menu doesn’t suit the needs of your event. That’s why our version of creative catering also involves a highly customizable menu. Choose from a range of menu options, including a hummus bar, combo plates, delicious salads, and more. All of these options include delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean entrees and side choices. These include items like Greek salad, chicken shawarma, falafel, gyros, kabobs, and your choice of flavored hummus.

With great service and a menu that will leave your guests talking, you’ll understand why we call our catering creative.