Mediterranean Food

More and more people are embracing Mediterranean food in the San Diego area. Not only is this food delicious, offering flavors that will tantalize your taste buds, studies also indicate that it may help improve your health in countless ways. First, Mediterranean food has been shown to reduce a person’s risk of developing heart disease. As an added benefit, Mediterranean food also spurs brain health. And, we all want to be healthier and mentally sharper!

These are not the only benefits of Mediterranean food! Mediterranean food has also been shown to dramatically cut the risk that a person will develop cancer and Type 2 diabetes, and it may also help with minimizing symptoms related to anxiety and depression. Who would have thought that delicious food can boost your mood?

In addition to these diverse health benefits Mediterranean food itself is incredibly varied, and, therefore, it offers dishes that appeal to almost every taste. Some popular Mediterranean food options include: gyros, shawarma, tabouli, and babagannoush. Babbagannoush is a lovely and filling option for vegetarians. It is made from eggplant and yogurt and tahini (an important spice in Mediterranean food) offers an additional kick of flavor.

Since not everyone has the skills or the requisite ingredients to cook delicious and healthy Mediterranean food at home, many people decide to explore local cafes and restaurants to feast on their favorite food choices. And, residents of San Diego are lucky to be blessed with a variety of options for fresh and flavorful Mediterranean food. We would love for you to explore these options at Micheline’s Pita House which is regularly recognized as the best choice for Mediterranean food in the San Diego area. And don’t stop with just one visit. Come back again and again and take advantage of our extensive menu, filled with old favorites and new taste adventures.