Mediterranean cafe

Busy Work Week

Imagine it is a Monday night. You have had a typical stressful start to your work week and now, you are caught in a traffic jam after you have picked up your kids from their after-school sports. Making dinner is the last thing on your mind. But, a chorus of voices from the back seat is reminding you that they are hungry.

Struggling with Your Meal Planning

What should you do? Your first instinct is to pull off at the next exit and grab a bag full of McDonald’s food. But you know that this is not good for your children’s health or your waistline! But, what should you do? The better option is to visit your local Mediterranean café. And, if you are in the San Diego area then the Mediterranean café should be Micheline’s Pita House, without a doubt.

A Mediterranean Café Is Your Best Option

What food can you typically find in a Mediterranean café? Most Mediterranean cafes will offer a wide selection of the region’s favorites, including options, such as tabouli, hummus and falafel. The wide range of options at the Mediterranean cafes is sure to appeal to even the most finicky child (and we all know that children can frequently be picky eaters).

Even for Your Pickiest Eaters

And, at Micheline’s Pita House, San Diego’s recognized best Mediterranean café, we have even more favorites that will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. A pita sandwich is always a crowd pleaser. And, once you have decided on a pita sandwich you have several more choices to make. The vegetarian in the family may want to add falafel as their go-to protein, while a meat eater may love our ground beef kabobs. And, the choices don’t stop with just the protein at this Mediterranean café. You also get to choose your toppings and sauce, personalizing it just for you!

So the next time that you are considering a stop at the typical fast food joint, change your mind and visit a Mediterranean café, like Micheline’s Pita House, for a healthy and flavorful alternative.