Interesting Mexican Foods To Serve At Your Next Event

Everyone loves Mexican food, and an interesting way you can spice up your event is to serve your guests Mexican meals! Whatever the event is, a wedding reception, a bridal shower, a baby shower, (name it) Mexican food makes a great addition to the menu. All you need is to ensure you hire amazing Mexican food catering service to make it even better.

Some Mexican meals you should definitely be serving at your event are:

1. Chiles en nogada

This Mexican meal makes a perfect treat for your event. Made with poblano chilis stuffed with some spices, shredded meat and dried fruits with cream sauce topping, Chiles en nogada will definitely cause the mouth of your guests to water. The meal is also fascinating as it contains all 3 colors of the Mexican flag. A good Mexican food catering service will make the meal is presented in the most appetizing way possible!

2. Pozole

Pozole is a Mexican soup eaten by Mexicans on special occasions and events such as birthdays, weddings and so on. For your event, you can also add this soup to the menu. The soup is made from maize kernels with pork or other kinds of meats, and tasty toppings such as avocado, pepper, garlic, onions, cabbages, salsa, and radishes.

Who doesn’t love a good taco? Adding tacos to your event menu will definitely brighten up the face of your guests. For your event, you can choose between Carnitas tacos, Guisado style tacos or Tacos al pastor. If you want, you can serve all three types of tacos at your event! To ensure the taco is made perfectly, do not fail to hire a very good Mexican food catering service.

Hire a good Mexican food catering service today and make your event spectacular.