Great restaurants in San Diego for brunch

Brunch remains a spectacularly popular meal in San Diego. If you are looking for some of great restaurants in San Diego for brunch, you are not limited in your options. Here are some of the best restaurants in San Diego where you can go for an excellent brunch:

Trust: This woodfired breakfast dish place has a wide range of options to suit almost any type of picky customer. They’re well known for their baking as well as the sticky buns that they can produce. The fried egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches here can make for some of the best in the city.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse: Brunch on the weekends is always fun, but even better when you take advantage of Tom Ham’s unlimited seafood brunch buffet. Their menu is fresh, their mimosas are flowing, and their menu is full of rich cuisine made uniquely based on the freshest items on hand. At this restaurant the giant bay windows are actually angled such that everyone inside can enjoy of you and everyone outside can see themselves and the view reflected in the glass. Most restaurants never even consider this and instead they get a lot of glare and issues where outside seating looks inside straight through the window. That’s why it is one of many great restaurants in San Diego.

Madison: Madison is one of the best places to check out a more meat-based brunch option. They have beat-based waffles which can be topped with plenty of meat options. If you’re feeling more like a lunch option there’s also Buffalo burgers and eggs Benedict served with skirt steak.

Great Maple: This restaurant in San Diego for brunch is best known for its hash as well as the peanut butter and fried banana pancakes. Brunch is available from 8 AM to 2 PM and is plenty of options on weekdays at this location too.

Hanna’s gourmet: This is an international breakfast spot that has seasonal menus. If you are looking for a San Diego brunch spot that can have a wide range of beans, pancakes and coffee, this is the perfect spot where you can really diversify in your brunching options.

West Coast Tavern: The West Coast Tavern is a bar first and foremost, but they also have brunch. They are known for their chicken and waffle sandwiches as well as the bloody Mary’s in a bottomless format

Keep some of these great restaurants in San Diego in mind for the best brunch happening across the city!