Fast Food Catering Can Set Your Event Apart

Sometimes, there’s nothing like grabbing a quick bite of some delicious, casual cuisine. This is true even in professional settings. Lots of people think that catered events have to involve fancy dinnerware and three-course meals. While more formal catered events are wonderful, it’s a mistake to discount quality fast food catering.

How We Combine Fast Service and Quality Food

Don’t mistake fast food catering for hastily prepared, unappealing food that you might pick because it’s cheap. At Micheline’s Pita House, we offer fast food-style service with all the fresh ingredients and classic catered touch you’d expect from such a quality restaurant. Whether for corporate gatherings, special events, or working lunches, our fast food catering brings together the best of quick, customized service, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

At Micheline’s, we offer a number of exquisite healthy food choices for your events. Our combo plate comes with rice topped with chicken, kabob or chicken kabob, chicken shawarma, ground beef kabob, gyros, falafel, or any combination of these. Our hummus bar feeds 10 and offers classic, chipotle, cilantro jalapeno, and combination hummus varieties along with gyros, falafel, chicken kabob, or chicken shawarma.

A Range of Delicious Mediterranean Menu Choices
All our hummus bar orders are topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and green and red cabbage. And our salad bar, which can be customized to feed up to 16 people, including fresh Greek salad, delicious shawarma tabouli salad, Mediterranean chicken salad, and modern Caesar salad.

For over two decades, Micheline has been bringing Mediterranean foods together in new and exciting ways. She has brought culinary expertise, classic recipes, and unique ingredients together in Micheline’s Pita House. Our catering manager is more than happy to help plan unforgettable events and programs, bringing together proud professionalism, fast service, and unbeatable food — fast food catering at its finest. Micheline’s Pita House catering is a surefire hit for your next event.