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Olive oil is right at the heart of healthy meals, and it has always featured in the Mediterranean foods for thousands of years. It is also a favorite amongst Mediterranean catering companies. This is not just because it is locally available in this region or because it makes food taste better, but due to the potent health benefits it comes with. Many Mediterranean catering companies offer the best quality of olive oil. Here are some of the benefits you get from this rich oil of the Mediterranean-:

Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats

This is by far the number one reason why olive oil is such a darling in the Mediterranean foods. You will be surprised to learn that the predominant fatty acids in olive oil is 73% monounsaturated fats, with just 24% being saturated fats. This is of immense importance when it comes to the heart health.

Has strong anti-inflammatory properties

Chronic inflammation is responsible for a myriad of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Olive oil from the Mediterranean has strong anti-inflammatory agents which are very effective in reducing inflammation in various body parts, and this is one of the greatest health benefits the Mediterranean communities have reaped from this oil for centuries. This is also why it is a popular item from catering companies.

Does not cause obesity or weight gain

For those keen on shading off some pounds, eating clean and healthy oils is always very important, and olive oils is one such option that has been advised over the years. This can make it a healthy option from catering companies. A subtle way, therefore, to help you watch over your weight is to cook meals using olive oil or go to the best restaurants in San Diego where they prepare their meals with olive oil.

May help to prevent stroke

Several studies have concluded that using olive oil regularly may help to prevent stroke among seniors. In one of those studies, it was discovered that those who used olive oil on a regular basis, for cooking or in salads had 41% risks of stroke. It is, therefore, seen as a cheap and easy way of helping to put stroke at bay. It is no wonder why catering companies offer olive oil as a favorite option for dips and salad dressing!

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