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Do you have a plan to head to Doner Mediterranean Grill, and you are wondering on what to dine on? Well, you are in luck as we have looked at its menu, and brought out some delicacies that you will fall in love with.

Chicken Shawarma Plate

Can we say Doner Mediterranean Grill is the king of Chicken Shawarma Plate? Well, we won’t be wrong. As this delicacy comes with layer upon layer of marinated chicken that has been cooked on the spit while being sliced slimly. This is usually served with Oita, hummus, tabbouleh and rice.

Gyros Plate

Have you tried Doner Mediterranean Grill’s Gyros Plate? This delicacy that is also served with hummus, tabbouleh will leave you wanting more and more.
You can take this with Dasani water, or any of their bottled drinks.

Mediterranean Salad

When it comes to the salad section, Doner Mediterranean Grill has a lot to offer. Its Mediterranean salad that is a mixture of homemade sauce, onions, tomato, cucumber and romaine will leave you salivating.

Fatoosh Salad

What of Doner Mediterranean Grill’s Fatoosh salad? This is definitely heaven on earth, as the mixture of sumac, onions, tomato, pita chips, cucumber, romaine, olive oil dressing and vinegar will make your taste buds happy.

Greek Salad

Want to treat yourself to a good time? Try out the Doner Mediterranean Grill’s Greek salad. It is unlike the other Greek salads, as it put a lot of efforts to it. When we ate Greek Salad, we didn’t want to stop eating it.

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