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If you have been living or traveling in San Diego and you haven’t stopped at these San Diego lunch spots, you definitely need to get on board immediately.

These are some of the top San Diego lunch spots that many locals consider to be their favorite. Keep some of these top lunch spots in mind the next time you’re in San Diego:

Artisan Bento: As a Japanese inspired bento box restaurant, this is a beautiful spot that is also extremely reasonable. You can customize your entire bento box with fresh ingredients and mindful portions. Available at a reasonable price of under $12 you can get access to 3 to 4 different menu items all in a convenient and beautiful box.

Island Prime: If you are willing to drive a bit out of the way, head downtown past the traffic and the harbor and make a quick left on the Harbor Island en route to the airport.  This small stretch of land functions as a tiny Peninsula all its own even though it is referred to at Harbor Island. If you can book a time in and around major flights you won’t regret a trip down to Island Prime. Island Prime is a hip Waterfront Lounge that integrates modern day tour with a very California specialized menu. This particular restaurant has a delightful array of fresh fish items mixed with unique drink ideas.  It is the perfect place to get a pineapple infused vodka Cosmo featuring Blackberry puree rather than cranberries. It is also a great place to find a California themed salad bigger than your face. All of the food uses the freshest ingredients and the view of the San Diego Bay, the nearby famous ships docked and ready for tourists is well worth it. They have outdoor seating if you prefer at these San Diego lunch spots but if the weather turns a bit chilly head inside and sit near the fireplace.

Supernatural Sea to sandwich: if you’re looking for high quality seafood in San Diego, this is one of the best places to enjoy fresh seafood to go. As one of the fastest and tastiest take it one spots in the city there are signatures here that can include garlic fried shrimp and bacon scallop sandwiches.

Homestyle Hawaiian: Enjoy the delicacy of plate lunches at around seven dollars including Hawaiian favorites like slow roasted pig, lava chicken and more. There are a wide range of locations across the city which can make this a very convenient lunch spot for many people.

Crack Shack: with unique twists on old favorites this is one of the best places to enjoy chicken and egg sandwiches, deviled eggs, fried chicken lollipops and even Mexican poutine options. The Crack shack is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a lunch spot that can really bring value and homestyle favorites.

Consider any one of these San Diego lunch spots to die for during your vacation or if you are seeking a nice lunch out.

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